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Kunst op de vloer

We make floor art. Carpets that are true pieces of art. To be displayed on the floor of course, but if you prefer a wall carpet, hanging loops can be attached to the back.

Besides original designs we also make interpretations of artworks that appeal to us or to you. On the basis of the designs and our color specifications the carpets are hand tufted by artists with a lot of passion and attention for detail.

Original designs

Our original designs are handmade in small series and in limited editions. Even though the design is the same, each carpet is slightly different.

Our first series is “Canalhouse”, stylized canal houses in Delft blue and white.


We choose art that appeals to us, from famous artists or less famous ones. We determine what the painting should look like as a large format carpet, by making an interpretation of the original. In this way, the impact of the carpet is even greater than on canvas.

Do you have a favorite painting? We can make it into the centerpiece of art of your living room or office, on the floor or on the wall...